Sunday, April 17, 2011

It’s 2018: What Will PCWS Be Like?

This is the question that the new Long Range Planning Committee has begun to consider, and one they will need PCWS members and friends to help with. Over the next six to nine months, Pastors Jennifer and Tom and seven church members are going to gather information, solicit your opinions and views, meet with groups of members and friends, and try to understand the changes going on around us—both in the neighborhood and in the larger community. The result will be observations and recommendations for the Session to consider for the future of our church. The last PCWS strategic planning effort, conducted in 2005, offered a five year plan, so it seemed timely to take some time again to consider the future of our Congregation.

The committee, composed of Sherrie Benson, Matt Booth, Ann DeVries, Jon Gertsmeier, Walt Kovalick, Carol Stoub, and Tina Vandenbosch, has just begun to meet. They are eager to gather information and your views on a vision for the church in the future. Several initial steps include (1) setting up an email box: lrplanning for you to send ideas, (2) (for internet fans) setting up a blog for you to join, follow their work, and offer comments at, and (3) planning for after-church focus groups on Sundays in May and early June. The committee will facilitate these group sessions of about half an hour (and supply treats!!).

The Committee will ask members to share stories and experiences as you consider the following questions:

1. When have you felt especially connected to PCWS and/or your PCWS family? Share a story about this.

2. What characteristics or ways of life make our local church unique?

3. How would you like the church to look in 5, 10, 15 years?

4. What suggestions do you have that would help PCWS to accomplish this?

The Committee plans to keep you up to date on its activities as the work progresses, and they look forward to hearing from you electronically and personally.